For 100% Rebequizado: Artistic Gymnastics Films

For 100% Rebequizado: Artistic Gymnastics Films

For those who still have goose bumps with Rebecca Andrade’s silver medal in the artistic gymnastics ordinary individual at the Tokyo-2020 Olympic Games, won this Thursday morning (29), it is worth remembering that Brazilian gymnasts still Equipment will fight for more podiums in disputes. But, while Rebecca doesn’t get up on the table again to jump in and out on stage for the singles final, it’s worth watching a few movies about the game.

Ah, before the list, let’s recall the timing of Rebecca Andrade’s next competitions in artistic gymnastics, which would root for the first Brazilian woman to win an Olympic medal in modus operandi. The jump final at the Tokyo Olympics takes place on Sunday (1st) at 5:55 am (Eastern Time) and the ground game takes place on Monday (2) at 6:00 am (Eastern Time).


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Amy Jo Johnson in ‘Perfect Body’. Image: reproduction

Perfect Body (1997)

Amy Jo Johnson, the best Pink Power Ranger in franchise history, stars in this film about artistic gymnastics. In the film, he is Andy Bradley, a gymnast with Olympic dreams but suffers when he moves to another city to train with one of the head coaches in the United States in the sport. The play is directed by Douglas Barr and screenplayed by Melissa Gould. Former gymnast Kathy Rigby, who competed at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City and 1972 in Munich, is also featured in the feature.

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Former gymnast Nadia Comanci praised Rebecca Andrade’s performance. Image: Romanian Olympic Committee / Reproduction

Nadia (1984)

The first true proof of the history of Olympic artistic gymnastics is her, Romanian Nadia Comaneci. In her career, she has won five gold, three silver and one bronze at the Olympic Games and this Thursday (29), she was one of the first to praise Brazilian Rebecca Andrade’s performance. With a former gymnast-like story, there’s apparently a biopic telling her story. The production of the TV movie ‘Nadia’, however, never approached the former athlete.

Radical Turn (2006)

Featuring Missy Peregrym (“Heroes”), Jeff Bridges (“Tron – An Electronic Odyssey”) and Vanessa Lenghese (“Glee”), the film tells the story of “Virda Radical” Haley, a naturally gifted athlete by Peregrym. was performed. But with serious behavior problems. After experiencing a problem with judging, she needs to join an elite gymnast academy under the coordination of a serious instructor (bridge).

Second Chance (2011)

Available on Netflix, the teen film follows Maddie. The girl dreams of becoming a great gymnast, but she does not have the confidence to reach the goal. She and her two friends will need to overcome adversity with the help of a new coach in search of a place in artistic gymnastics selection.

Facing Bara (2016)

Another children’s feature film available on Netflix. In this film, Kelly is a talented gymnast who leaves the sport when she moves to Australia. But he returns to competition after finding a rival and a new friend to try to correct the mistakes of the past.

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Courage to Win (2018)

Nothing is more appropriate than ending the list with one of the greatest gymnasts of our time, whose name has already been etched in history: Simone Biles. The American quit participating in the artistic gymnastics individual general final at the Tokyo-2020 Olympic Games to take care of her mind. Her story is told in this Lifetime TV movie, in which actress Jeante Godlock plays the athlete.

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