For these reasons, the mayor of Miami says, ‘More bitcoin (BTC) mining is needed in America’

'Meer bitcoin (BTC) mining in de VS nodig,' vindt de burgermeester van Miami om deze redenen

It is often criticized Bitcoin (BTC) Digging. This would be bad for the climate and it is a big topic in the world today. Francis Suarez, the mayor of the American city of Miami, believes that the United States can play an important role, among other things, Bitcoin mining To improve.

In one The interview Along with Laura Shin, a journalist, the mayor stated that 90% of all bitcoin mining occurs outside of the US. And a lot of miners in other countries will use “dirty energy sources”. And since Bitcoin Minors an estimate By using more energy than in the Czech Republic, you can imagine that the effect on the climate is significant.

Suarez believes that there should be more mining in the US because the country has many energy sources, including nuclear power. This will not only benefit Bitcoin’s image, but also the crypto community in the country and national security. In addition, Suarez hopes that the technology will eventually ensure that bitcoin remains more efficient:

“I also think that in the future you will see solar energy and other types of clean technology, hydrogen as a technology that promotes mining, and you will see mining in different ways. Large hash blocks will be […] So I think the technology will make it more efficient and cheaper with less power consumption.

The mayor of Miami is known to be a supporter of bitcoin. They already announced in December Be open To make bitcoin a part of the city’s treasury. In addition, he is trying to make Miami a crypto-friendly city to attract more crypto companies.

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