Four Amazon Prime Tips – Everyday Century

Four Amazon Prime Tips – Everyday Century

hombre mirando al sudoeste

A person who has mysteriously appeared, claiming to be a supernatural being committed to an asylum. In fact, expert reports can’t indicate where he came from, but for psychiatrist Julio Denis, Rantes isn’t insane, he’s just an opportunist who fled a neighboring country and used it to avoid prison or some dissent. invented.


A slow and controversial film by Daniela Thomas, Vazante is set on a farm in Minas Gerais in the early 19th century. The film breaks new ground by showing slaves as people who brought history and culture from Africa. The director gave life and personality to these characters, who were earlier seen only as figures.

nocturnal animals

A tense and disturbing film from director and stylist Tom Ford, it won several awards around the world. A gallery owner receives a new book from her ex-husband, he comments on the agony of the separation process in a fictional story, in which his despair is evident.


The same directorial debut of Robert Eggers, “The Lighthouse”, follows the same slow line and with some dialogue. In the interior of the United States, a family of Protestants expelled from the community because of disagreements with others. They start living in isolation very close to the forest where a witch is said to have lived.

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