France relaxed travel restrictions for seven countries

France relaxed travel restrictions for seven countries

The Foreign Ministry said on Friday that France has begun to relax restrictions on international travelers from outside the Europe from the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea. However, passengers will still have to provide a negative covariate test upon arrival in the country.

The French clergy said in an official statement on Thursday (11) that those traveling to and returning from these seven countries will no longer have to submit documentary evidence They have “necessary reasons” for travel, such as a family or medical emergency.

The Minister of Tourism of France, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, declared that this ease is due to the improvement in health conditions in these countries.

“Britain is also included in the list, as the United Kingdom version is now widely circulated in France as well,” he added to his Twitter feed. In France, more than 60% of all Kovid cases were caused by ‘UK variants’.

The ministry said that all other restrictions, such as requiring the Kovid-19 negative test 72 hours before travel, remain in effect.

A partner who works abroad becomes a “legitimate” cause.

Lemone said that for other countries outside the European Union, the list of “essential” reasons for travel would be increased, especially taking this into consideration Family situations.

The statement from the French Foreign Ministry states that the new legitimate reasons for the visit include the fact that a person of the couple – married or in civil society – lives abroad for professional reasons.

Other “legitimate” reasons include families who live abroad, but have children in school, couples with children abroad and in France, students taking exams, as well as people who live in their main residence. But if it is in France.

The French Chancellor said it still recommends limiting international travel whenever possible. The French government banned international travel on 14 January to control its spread. Coronavirus And newer, more infectious versions of it.

Passengers were asked to provide documentation to prove that during their travel check-in met the prescribed limits at airline counters and again at border control.

The Border Police therefore continue to demand the presentation of documents that prove valid reasons for travel before allowing passengers to board.

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