Friends Forever defeated Bridgestone, becoming the most-watched series in the US.

Friends Forever defeated Bridgestone, becoming the most-watched series in the US.

Bridgerton Became the most watched series in the history of Netflix, Seen by 82 million households in its first month of launch, overriding any launches made on the platform.

But things have started changing. Bridgerton The most viewed attraction post was a huge success in streaming in the United States friends foreverNew production from Netflix Enacted Katherine Heigl, To eternal Easy stevens In the first season of Gray anatomy.

Was analyzed by Nielsen (The American Ibop) matches the audience between 1 and 7 February. 1.308 billion minutes watched, friends forever Took the post of kinship in the first five days of the performance.

Fall from placement, Bridgerton Major Highlights of the Current, Below 659 Million Minutes Viewed in the Same Period Disney +, With Vandavision, Watched 589 million minutes.

See Top 5:

1) Friends Forever (Netflix): 1.308 billion minutes;
2) Bridgeton (Netflix): 659 million;
3) Wandavision (Disney +): 589 million;
4) The Crown (Netflix): 305 Milhees;
5) Longmire (Netflix): 296 million;

friends forever tells the story of Tlie heart, A true force of nature: charming, ambitious, carefree and loyal. Despite carrying the traces of a painful childhood, she pursues inner loneliness, even though she is well-known and rich as a journalist and host of a talk show.

Your savior is your best friend and soul mate, Cat, With whom she shares an unending bond, for more than three decades.

Will we have season 2?

a Netflix Not yet confirmed whether friends forever There will be a second season, and this is because based on your audience data, it will take a few weeks or even months to confirm whether the series will be renewed.

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However, our expectation is that the series will be renewed. The first season of 10 episodes covered only the first half Kristin Hannah, That is, everything that happens to the other half of the book in the second season.

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