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London and the whole of England are experiencing excitement that the COVID-19 contamination mortality rate is near zero. To see and be seen, in addition to the delicious menu, I chose 6 restaurants that I like and recommend.

La Petit Maison, a bistro in Mayfair, is my favorite for lunch on weekends. Apart from hot and crunchy chocolate mousse, green lentil salad and canard au citron are the most requested dishes.

Ivy Chelsea Gardens has a garden with many flowers and lots of green, it is part of the others Ivy – the oldest in Soho, the second in the South Bank. Traditional fish and chips and roasted chicken are their staple.

Zuma, the Asian menu at Knightsbridge, always loud and vibrant. Shrimp and white fish with popcorn are the sashimi flagship of Makarikado.

Harry Barr and Harry’s Dolce Vita, their first in Mayfair, are their strengths In pasta and carpasco. Always well-known, those who know it from Venice know that Carpesco is a dish that was invented there.

Milos, Greek impeccable service as well as dishes. It is in the Piccadilly region and roasted lamb with ground beef and Pignol is preferred. Dessert with nuts is a must.

For those who like oysters and seafood, Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill is a must. The hotel is located 500 meters from the Ritz and is often visited by artists and celebrities from the society.

Fortnum and mason are recommended for afternoon tea. The book “Time for Tea”, written by Tom Parker Bowles, son of the Duchess of Cornwall, whose Camilla Parker Bowles, whose family has owned the store since its founding, is the most sought-after gift item.

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The Dorchester Hotel, in addition to being a favorite of Victoria Beckham, is rated as one of the best in the city with its selection of mini cucumber sandwiches, scones and dessert mini.

In the field of fashion, green and pink colors are most commonly seen in mini and maxi dress, always with a very floral or geometric print. Shorts are back in fashion for all hours and are often used with opaque socks, high-heeled sandals or sneakers tied at the ankles.The woven fabric is heavy in silk, cotton or cashmere, always with embroidery and pomp. The maxi coat worn over shorts or pants has a tiger print or tropical leaves and is a novelty of the season. The bag, very small and has a straw as a novelty with handles (bandolier type), are all in the collection.

Rosamond Pike

The English singer Dua Lipa is the sensation for winning the Best Singer and Best Album award in the entertainment field. Only his music is heard everywhere. Actress Rosamond Pike, who you can see on Netflix in the film “I Care” as well as in the life of scientist Marie Curie in the film “RadioAttivo”. Famous artist Anthony Hopkins, widely spoken for his interpretation of “The Father”, also appears very much in magazines and newspapers. These are the news here in London and for my next blog I have brought more spots for you.

By: Rosie Verdi

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