From poker to snooker: 5 sports that can be a part of Olympic Games – 08/04/2021

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The Olympic Committee regularly meets to include new sports in the Olympic Games. In 2016, it was announced that baseball, karate, skating, climbing and surfing would be part of the Tokyo 2020 edition, which would take place only this year. These games were selected from a list of dozens of candidates, including modalities such as chess or Chinese martial arts.

To become an Olympic sport, a sport has to meet several minimum requirements. These include the existence of a federated organization (as is the case with FIFA) to ensure that athletes can compete cleanly and safely.

In addition, the game should be played by a significant number of athletes, that is, be minimally popular. Finally, some sports (such as sports involving mechanical propulsion) are not allowed to submit an application to the Olympic Committee.

Since the committee announced in 2020 that breakdance and skateboarding would be part of the 2024 edition of the Games, we decided to recall five other sports that have a strong chance of being part of the Olympic catalog. They are here:


This may sound strange, but most people believe that poker is a much more competitive sport. In 2016, mental games such as chess or bridge (which also played with cards) were not so fortunate when he submitted his candidacy to the Olympic Committee. But it may be that the fate of poker is different.

Poker is highly regulated in its physical and online versions and above all, has a high level of popularity. In addition, organizations such as IFMP (International Federation of Match Poker) Ensure that poker tournaments are conducted in a clean, consistent and safe manner.

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Played by millions in Brazil and worldwide, poker has a vibrant international competitive scene. However there are many types of poker, such as 7-card studs or even football players who like to dedicate themselves to snooker in their spare time! Finally, Snooker has a developed international federation: IBSF (International Billiards and Snooker Federation) Belongs to.

The non-inclusion of snooker in the Olympic sports list may, for now, be related to the fact that the sport is recognized outside of Anglo-Saxon countries. Although snooker is practiced all over the world, most sports athletes come from the United Kingdom.

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