From soda to sneakers, Stranger Things 4 abuses merchants

From soda to sneakers, Stranger Things 4 abuses merchants


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the first seven episodes of Stranger Things season four misuse of goods. netflix advertising showcase, Supernatural Science Fiction featured 144 indirect ads According to a survey conducted by, in the first segment of the current wave TV Observatory, on average, they were Displays 16 products and brands every hour,

This propaganda bombardment, characteristic of Stranger Things, came from all sides, whether it was traditional soda or through markers, sneakers, bullets, chocolate, and even digging.

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The most visible brand was Coca-Cola with 12 merchants, Cain was almost omnipresent and regenerated within the tutelage of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who sought to crush it with the power of his mind. The company was featured (in Eleven’s bedroom) on signs, posters and a wall clock.

Reebok came soon after. It was strange to see that practically every character in the series wore the brand’s sneakers (Joyce, Chrissy, Dustin, Eddie…). In the third episode, Jason Carver, played by Mason Dye, was the most open businessman when he stepped on a young man’s hand.

Reebok shoes worn by Jason (Mason Dye)

real life x nostalgia

Some of the ads placed in Stranger Things 4 were for the brand only and not necessarily for the product. In this case, an object from the 1980s served as a hedge The nostalgic effect inherent in company advertising, The most obvious case was Max’s Sony Walkman (Sadie Sink), who accompanied the character in all seven episodes.

Other merchants featured ads from the present day. In the very first episode, new character Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) displays a Timex watch as if it were in a typical advertisement. The brand launched the watch collection in partnership with strange thingsthe goods being marketed.

Timex watch on Eddie’s wrist (Joseph Quinn)

One of the most powerful product displays of the current season was the popular Jiff Peanut Butter in the United States. Police Officer Jim Hopper (David Harbour) smells himself with a can of candy…

It turns out that was an unfortunate circumstance. In the same week after the release of the fourth season of Stranger Things, GIFs were recalled worldwide due to salmonella contamination in multiple batches. I


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