Furious elephant attack in tourist car in India; Look Unusual world

Furious elephant attack in tourist car in India;  Look  Unusual world

Playback / twitter

The driver panicked after seeing the animal driving the car fast

Video of a elephant
Moving in the direction of one car
With a group of tourists India
Went viral on social media. In the recording, it is possible for one of the passengers of the vehicle to say that the wildebeest “will not travel” before trying to reach them (“nothing will happen”). The information was passed by the portal Twitter

The video was posted on Twitter by Surendra Mehra, an official of the government agency India Forest Service. Passengers were shocked when the elephant speeded towards the vehicle. The woman, who was previously calm, changed her tone and shouted “Run, run”.

In the publication, Mehra asked people to respect wild animals and give them “properly” when they found in an atmosphere that populations do not transit.

Although the video does not show what happens next on the social network, many people disapprove of the tourists’ action. One user commented, “People don’t know that an angry elephant is more dangerous than a tiger or leopard and can injure or injure many people.”

“Learn to respect them, they are part of us”, another internet user wrote. “Share what happened next, because the elephant was furious and these people were unable to drive back. I hope everything is fine and there have been no serious accidents with them. Please share, thanks,” a third person he said.

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