Gal Gadot was not part of Zack Snyder’s new recording

Gal Gadot was not part of Zack Snyder's new recording

Opposing initial reports, Gad Gottot revealed that he did not record new scenes during Wonder Woman for the Justice League version of Jack Snyder.

according to this, Gadot spoke to MTV News about his involvement in the film’s much-awaited Zack Snyder version, revealing that he was not involved in the new recording: “I hadn’t shot anything, nor had I seen anything. I was Jack So excited to see K’s version. “

Then, the actress also revealed that she was not surprised by the release of the new version of the film:

“In today’s world, nothing surprises me. If I was told a year ago that today we are going to have an epidemic … Now, I don’t wonder anything anymore. But I am in Zack Snyder’s I am very happy, because he has managed to make his version. Of the film. “

The Zack Snyder version of Justice League is scheduled for a debut on HBO Max in 2021 Will be released in 4 parts of one hour.

The Snyder cut will contain more than two hours of unreleased footage, with the director stating that he would not use a single Joss Whedon Justice League frame.

Although Gadot has not returned to the new recording, he will return to HBO Max when the film opens in the United States on 25 December. Here, the film has already premiered and we already have an analysis of it.

Here’s an invitation to read it, and find out why our Enable Goncalves considered it an “over-zealous sequel”, which serves as a shield for the much weaker Wonder Woman than usual.

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