Game Pass welcomes Final Fantasy XIII and seven more games in September

Game Pass welcomes Final Fantasy XIII and seven more games in September

Microsoft has unveiled some of the games that will be available for free to Game Pass customers in September.

main title is FINAL FANTASY XIII, the fantasy action RPG that recounts Lightning’s journey to save his sister, considered an enemy of the floating world of Cocoon, where they live. The game marked an era when it was released in 2009, and returned to a mobile version in 2015. Enter Game Pass this Thursday (2).

Also on the 2nd comes the card game symptoms of migration; simulator craftopia, in the style of Animal Crossing; and hospital simulator Surgeon Simulator 2 – With access to all game areas and levels created by the community.

Image: Disclosure / Bossa Studio

You can spend the 7th day playing Independence Holiday joker trick, a dungeon exploration roguelike (procedurally generated, as dictated by the current trend primer). The fun here is a dynamic in which enemies and traps move only when the protagonist, Ella, moves as well. Out for PC and Console.

on the 9th they leave Breedage, a retrofuturistic survival game that was released earlier this year, and nuclear throne, another roguelike, this time set in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Artful Escape - Press Release/Annapurna - Press Release/Annapurna
Image: Disclosure / Annapurna

will also release on that day The Artful Escape, included in the new Game Pass placement that allows access to the game from “Day 1” (ie, since its launch). There is a lot of curiosity about this Annapurna platform game set in the universe Song Folk and voiced by stars like Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) and Jason Schwartzman (of many.) movies by Wes Anderson). The indie filmmaker, incidentally, is one of the visual inspirations for The Artful Escape.

All games will be available for PC and console. Craftopia, Sojourner and Breatheedge also go all out for cloud gaming, but the service doesn’t exist in Brazil.

See also list of Free games that will be available in September on Games with Gold service.

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