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Posted 04/07/2021 22:06 | Updated 07/04/2021 22:09

Gilberto do Vigor, the special guest of Globo’s “Super Dansa dos Famosos”, revealed that he will travel to the United States in September, where he will do his Ph. And, for the first time ever, he said he should be there for the next. Six years of studies.

Recently hired by Ryo Station, the ex-BBB21 revealed that he should put his impressive life away, but surprised her by saying that he intends to live abroad for at least 6 years. With his passport already in place to enter American soil, The Economist reveals to Tiago Leifert that he has a ticket purchased to fly to Davis, California, on September 3.

“I’m leaving, I already have the date: September 3. I’ve already bought a ticket and this is my dream. I’m going to rejoice and fight, because the fight is great,” he says. Despite the long duration, they believe that they will last the maximum because of the degree of difficulty of their field of study.

I’ll be there between four and six years, I believe six because the part I study is the fight that only Jesus knows. It’s part of quantitative methods, so it goes on for a while,” he explained during the event. “I have summer vacations and I’m coming to Brazil. ‘Manha’ is here, my family is here and so are my friends. But most of the time I’ll be there,” he concluded.

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It is worth remembering that Gilberto said that he would set aside one day of the week for his celebrity engagements and also commented on the feeling he felt when he learned that he had done the painting “Ta Lascado” with Ana María Braga. ” I shared in the morning. , on Globo’s “Mais Você”.

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