Glenn Close claims Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar win did not make sense

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‘Deadly Attraction’ discusses the significance of the Star Awards show as she honestly shares her thoughts on the ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actress’ 1999 Best Actress victory.

Glenn Close Still wondering Gwyneth Paltrow1999 Best Actress Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love”.

“Deadly Attractions” star ABC News was considering the significance of the “award show” “Popcorn with Peter Travers”, when he recalled last night that Paltrow had a surprise victory.

“I honestly feel that being nominated by your peers is as good as it gets,” he said. “I never understood how you could honestly compare performances, you know? I remember the year that won Ginnith Paltrow over the brilliant actress who was at Central Station.Fernanda Montenegro) And I thought, ‘What?’ It doesn’t make sense. ”

“I think who wins has a lot to do with how things happen, you know, whether it’s traction or whatever (preaching). Preaching, how much money they had. I have to be philosophical about it … I’m so proud of my peers at a time when I felt my performance was remarkable. ”

In 1999, Peltro defeated Montenegro, often referred to as the Brazilian equivalent. Meryl Streep, In addition to Kate Blanchett for “Elizabeth”, Meryl Streep for “One True Thing” and Emily Watson For “Hillary and Jackie”.

At the time, Montenegro did not bother himself with the loss, as he claimed that Paltrow’s thin, virgin character could be won because “they don’t have much of this kind in America.”

Klose has been nominated for seven Oscars, but never won.

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