Glenn Greenwald talks about the Snowden case in an unprecedented episode of ‘The Method’ series – OVALE

Glenn Greenwald talks about the Snowden case in an unprecedented episode of 'The Method' series - OVALE

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American journalist Glenn Greenwald along with Edward Snowden won the Pulitzer Prize for revealing the existence of covert global surveillance programs carried out by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). His investigative work was featured in the film “Citizenfour”, which won the 2015 Oscar for Best Documentary. In addition to showcasing Greenwald’s work and his collaboration on the award-winning feature, an unreleased episode of the series “The Method”. Curta!, explores the importance of a good story for a documentary, the reasons behind making a film, and its ability to provoke audience participation.

The episode “An Ethics and History” premieres June 9 at 10 p.m. on Quarta do Cinema.

In this episode, Greenwald reveals details about the 2013 meeting with Snowden in the city of Hong Kong and the consequences resulting from the disclosure of classified NSA files. “Working with Snowden has definitely changed the world. It changed the way people think about privacy and the Internet, it has changed the way they think about government secrets and the role of journalism in democracy , ”says the journalist.

In Brazil, Glenn was also known for the publication of a series of reports that characterized the scandal called “Vaza-Jato”, which exposed conciliatory negotiations between members of the country’s judiciary. The case brings up other discussions inherent in documentary production: the possibility of cinema as a complaint against political groups or companies, in addition to ethical issues.

In addition to Greenwald’s testimony, excerpts from “Citizenfour” are shown, an account of the case of Edward Snowden and journalistic reports on the above events, in addition to the views of critic Bill Nichols and documentarian Carlos Nader, who served as the presenter of the series. We do.

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