Globo Stormy Nights Displays

Globo Stormy Nights Displays

Midday session airs today Movies “Stormy nights”. The 2008 Traction Rede will air on Globo at 3:00 pm (Brasilia time).

It has been almost 13 years since the play opened in theaters, but two of those figures are in focus: Actress Viola Davis And director George C. Wolff!

The pair are also in “Stormy Nights” and the film “The Supreme Voice of the Blues” released by Netflix in 2020.

Viola Davis had no role in the 2008 Jean No film “Noits de Torrenta”

Image: Playback / YouTube

In the story that takes place on the island in North Carolina in the United States, there is Viola Jean, the owner of the inn that will house the hero couple. And all under the direction of George.

The actress was nominated for Oscar 2021 for Best Actress for filming with the film … George! She was accompanied by singer Maa Rainey in “The Supreme Voice of the Blues”.

The production also competes in the categories of Chadwick Boseman, Best Actor with Best Hair and Makeup, Best Costume Design and Best Production Design.

We will only know that he will be honored at the Oscars ceremony in April. But you can already see one of his works on open TV.

There are more successful pairs.

In the afternoon session film, the couple experiencing the storm are Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane) and Paul Flanner (Richard Gere).

Only two were already added to the other two The movies Before: In “Infidelity” and “The Cotton Club”.

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