Godzilla vs Kong: 5 Monstervision – Must see monster movies to watch before the fight on Cinema News

Godzilla vs Kong: 5 Monstervision - Must see monster movies to watch before the fight on Cinema News

The cinema is full of exciting monster films that could be hot on Monsterwit for Godzilla vs. Kong.

Godzilla vs. Kong is one of the most awaited films by the public in 2021 and broke two impressive records, after all, it opened in a few places in the world – but it is yet to be released in Brazilian cinemas. All of this success Monster fresh – Warner and Legendary’s shared universe of monsters – is mainly due to the enthusiasm for the giant monster genre (Kaiju in Japanese) in cinema during the last few years.

The increasing number of iconic monsters in cinema in recent decades has helped pave the way for the recent Monstervision franchise – including Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla II: King of the Monsters (2019) – Included, is another version of the decades-long classic clash in cinema between Godzilla and King Kong.

Thinking about it, AdoroCinema saw a few other essential films to warm-up from monsters before a major confrontation between two iconic characters in pop culture, which became a meme and divided the internet into teams.

Godzilla vs Kong: Recall the events of other Monstersview films

Cloverfield – Monster (2008)

Cloverfield – 2008, Monstro, found the genre of monsters in today’s Hollywood cinema with the footage format – which has many horror movies that will give you nightmares. Director Matt Reeves presents a family story, but is surprised by the completely original and implicit manner and rendering of his own cinematic universe.

Rob Hawkins (Michael Stall-David) lives in New York and is going to Japan. He gathers his friends at a farewell party, in which he intends to reveal unresolved feelings. However, a strong setback scares the guests. Everyone is searching for the news of what happened on TV, which says that there was an earthquake in the city. Arriving on the roof to see the damage, the group saw a huge fireball, after which the light fell on the city. Panic catches everyone, which increases even more when they finally reach the road.

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Godzilla vs Kong: What is the order to watch Monstervas movies?

The Host (2006)

The 2019 Parasite has made South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho a very popular name worldwide, but the director has been making innovative films since the beginning of his career and Host, 2006, is a classic example of a monster film Is what works for it, a metaphor for broader social issues – a critique of the United States military treatment, particularly in South Korea.

Han lives on the banks of the river-Bong (Byon Hee-bong) and his family, who own a food stall in the park. His eldest son, Kang-do (Song Kang-ho), is 40 years old, but somewhat immature. The middle daughter is an archer in the Korean Olympic team and the youngest son is unemployed. Everyone looks after Kang-do’s daughter Hyun-seo (Ko-ah-sung), whose mother left home long ago. One day a demon appears in the river, causing panic on the banks and takes Heavy-bong’s granddaughter with her. This is when, in search of the girl, the family members decide to confront the demon.

Godzilla vs Kong: Meet the monsters who may appear in the film

Circle of Fire (2013)

2013’s Circle of Fire, a major box office success, reflects director Guillermo del Toro’s love for Kaiju cinema. Del Toro casts giant monsters in huge, exciting battle scenes that make this film a shining example of what a blockbuster needs. In fact, the filmmaker dreams of a crossover between MonsterVerse and Circle of Fire. That would be incredible, wouldn’t it?

When many demonic creatures, known as kaiju, begin to emerge from the sea, a fight between these creatures and humans begins. To fight them, humanity develops a series of jaggers, a giant robot controlled by two people through a vast connection. However, even the Jazzers are insufficient to defeat Kaiju. Facing this scenario, the last hope is an old, old robot, controlled by a former pilot (Charlie Hannum) and a trainer (Rinku Kikuchi).

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Godzilla vs. Kong: We toured the set of the new Warner Bros. film. The pictures

Shin Godzilla (2016)

More than fifty years of the Godzilla films have passed, but Shin Godzilla, since 2016, has emerged as a great example of Kaiju in an important context, transforming the film into a modern context, more accurately, and Heals the condition of the creature. A metaphor for the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. In other words, it makes the classic monster scary in a way that hasn’t happened in decades.

Japan plunges into chaos when a giant-sized monster from Japan escapes from the depths of Tokyo Bay and devastates Tokyo.

Godzilla vs. Kong: A continuation of the film can explore Hollow Lands; See what the plans are

Monsters (2010)

Gareth Edwards was known to relaunch the Godzilla franchise in 2014, but one of the main reasons for the occasion was his previous work on the Monsters in 2010. The film focuses on the attraction behind these creatures rather than the destruction they cause and in fear of people.

Six years ago, NASA sent a space probe to collect samples of possible extraterrestrial life in our solar system. Upon her return she fell into Central America, which led to the spread of alien life forms. Half of the Mexican territory was re-isolated and labeled as an infected area. On a risky mission, photojournalist Andrew Caulder (Scooter McNellar), sent to Mexico for work, is tasked with sending a big-shot daughter, Samantha Wyndon (Whitney Able), back to the US. Except that an unexpected event occurs and they are forced to cross the hostile territory of the infected area.

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Godzilla vs Kong: After all, who will win this battle?

In Godzilla v. Kong, two powerful forces of nature will face each other in a great battle. While the secret scientific organization discovers, studies and studies the origins of the Monarch Titans, the purpose of a plot is to wipe out all creatures, whether threatened or not. Will the world survive the monster duel?

Godzilla vs Kang Theaters are scheduled to open in Brazil on 29 April. Will the film win the sequel to Monsterview?

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