‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is an all wrong movie, but really fun.

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since Godzilla There were many flaws, reborn in theaters under the baton of Warner Bros. The return of Giant Lizard has slightly deteriorated, with exaggerated films, too much attention to human character and other nonsense. The same happened with King Kong, who returned and styled in the middle Kong: Skull Island. So what’s the surprise Godzilla vs Kang.

the director Adam Wingard ()V / h / s, Guest), The facility uses a plot without feet, nor heads to King Kong and Godzilla to join the same landscape. In the story, the Japanese monster is reborn after feeling threatened at Apex Headquarters. Shocked, scientists in the United States decided to remove King Kong from their asylum to confront Godzilla in Hong Kong.

As stated, the narrative has no meaning. Character of Rebecca Hall ()Dangerous attraction) Is very naive, even with a recurring concern for protecting giant gorillas. Alexander Skarsgard ()Big lie) Is an aimless manipulator. Eja Gonzalez ()I care) Is a normal villain. And Milli bobby brown ()Strange things) Is lost in the plot.

By the way, Bobby Brown’s story is the worst Godzilla vs Kang. There is no sense in what is being said there, in the story of a girl who tries to find out what is behind the apex and stuff like that. If we cut out everything that involves him and his two friends, the plot will remain the same. The only discoveries they make are those that can come from elsewhere.

In short, there are fight scenes between Godzilla and Kong. It is hard not to get carried away and not have fun watching the two monsters fight each other, especially with an extra spice at the end. Many new elements, such as an ax and a new universe discovered in the middle of the narrative, help give this fun story an extra power.

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Also, although Wingard gets a little lost in the split hero between Kong and Godzilla, there is style in what is said. The colors used in the quarrel between the two beings, mainly show that there was an aesthetic care in what was created and developed. The director also plays some very interesting visual tours with the camera.

It is evident, Godzilla vs Kang It is not perfect, full of technical and narrative errors. But there is no denying that there is fun here, especially in such a heavy moment in our reality. Why is it better for us to run out of the world than a homic battle between Godzilla and King Kong? Just go away, close your mind a bit and have fun.

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