Google launches app to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Google launches app to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Switch to Android App Now available for download on the App Store. Now, it has become easier and more possible for iPhone users to transfer data from one Apple device to another that works with Android. Previously, the process could only be done via cable or some other kind of unofficial app.

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After downloading and installing Switch to Android, the user will be able to transfer any type of file. It will be able to transfer photos, videos, contacts, calendar data, programs and apps as well as any other file. According to Google, the usability of the application is quite simple.

Switching to Android Makes It Possible to Transfer Files from iOS to Android

The entire transfer process is done without the need for a cable, as it happens via a Wi-Fi connection. Google said, “The app also guides you through other important steps for setting up your device, such as turning off iMessage so you don’t miss text messages from friends and family.”

While using Switch to Android, the user needs to switch off both the devices simultaneously. Namely, keep iPhone and other Android devices to transfer. Also, connect to a Wi-Fi network to be able to pair devices. Pairing will be done using QR code.

Additional Tip: How to ensure security after transfer?

An additional tip after transferring is how to clean the old device. In many cases, when the user decides to use the Switch to Android function, it is because he is planning to switch smartphones.

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So, if you are planning to sell your iPhone, remember to delete all the files from it. No one wants some personal information to fall into the hands of unknown people, who can use the data for misogynistic practices.

So, the tip here is to restore the factory settings. Go to iPhone Settings and look for Options. Complete the process before getting rid of your old iPhone.

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