Google Maps is starting to direct vehicles to other routes!

Google Maps is starting to direct vehicles to other routes!


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31.03.2021. 08:58

The company said that as part of the fight against climate change, Google’s Maps applications will begin with projected routes to generate the lowest carbon emissions based on traffic, slope, and other factors.

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The statement said the ceremony would be launched later this year in the United States and then other countries, as the company has a commitment to help fight climate change with its services.

According to a Reuters report, in about half of the production routes, we are able to find an environmentally friendly alternative with minimal or no out-of-time spending.

Google states that it makes relative estimates of emissions by examining various types of vehicles and roads, relying on data from the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NLOE).

Street data comes from Street View cars, as well as from air and satellite imagery.

Jeff Gonder, head of the NLOE mobility group, said he reached an agreement with the lab, which developed a tool called FastE, this month to assess vehicle energy consumption, to obtain funding from Google and study its accuracy. . an estimate.

From June, Google Maps will begin directing drivers to travel through low-emission areas, with some vehicles banned in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In the coming months, map users will be able to compare cars, bicycles, public transport and other modes of transport in one place instead of choosing between different routes.

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