Google updates Chrome and WebView to fix crashes on Android

Google updates Chrome and WebView to fix crashes on Android

On Monday night (22), Many Android smartphone models presented errors Cause of accidents. However, already on the morning of Tuesday (23), Google released several updates that promised to eliminate these flaws.

The problem was caused by an error in a system tool called Android System WebView, Which allows users to view web content directly in the application they are using, without opening a new tab in Google Chrome.


“We are aware of an issue with WebView, which causes some Android applications to crash for some users,” Google said in a statement to the American technology portal. The ledge.

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Initially, some users noticed that removing the latest Android system webview update was resolving the problem. This reviewer was also recommended by the official account Samsung Two United States of America Twitter.


The Note 20 was one of the phones most affected by the failure. Sincerely: Samsung

During the late afternoon and early evening of Monday (22), many applications for Android began to notice flaws in its operation. According to users, the message “App constantly crashes” was displayed before the app was shut down.

However, models from various brands were affected, the ones who suffered the most were owners of Samsung’s latest models, such as Galaxy S20 E S21, pay attention 20, A50 and A70. But the users Motorola He also complained about the same problem.

The crashes were not associated with any specific features of the application, and even Google applications, such as Gmail, were affected.

Taking information from The ledge

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