Google will no longer use its browsing history to sell advertising technology

Google will no longer use its browsing history to sell advertising technology
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Google promises changes to targeted advertising

Announced on Tuesday (3) that it will stop using Specific browsing history
To sell to users The advertisements
. The measure becomes effective from the following year, when Vishal undergoes some changes.

To continue benefiting from Google Publicity
It will group users with similar behavior, according to people’s interest. According to the company, the goal is to “hide” people “in the crowd”, leading to growth Secluded

Understand the changes

To understand the change announced on Wednesday, we must remember that in 2020, Google stated that it would no longer authorize the collection of third-party cookies Chrome browser

Have small packages The dice
Stored in a browser, designed for easy navigation. When you enter a website and it remembers your login or your shopping cart, it stands to reason that this information was stored in cookies.

But apart from the convenience of navigation, cookies are also very useful for targeted advertising. This is where third party cookies come in: this is when different websites exchange this information, allowing for more and more targeted advertising, creating a comprehensive browsing history for each person .

On the occasion when Google
Following this announcement, Vishal was expected to create an alternate identifier to continue the collection. Navigation data
, But without using third-party cookies.

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In practice, what changes for the user?

However, on Wednesday, Google announced that it would not create any new identifiers. The company’s proposal is to understand the general tastes of people and separate them into groups. In theory, it would give people greater privacy and meet new laws around the world, as with private data protecting common law ( LGPD
) Brazil.

However, innovation does not change the way Google treats The dice
Owners, they receive directly from a user.

If an advertiser wants to show Publicity
A typical person using his email address, for example, is not going to change anything. The difference is that this ad will not appear on other sites, as it did before.

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