Google will turn off Android GPS activity for mobile phones

GPS no Celular

Recently, Google announced that it will end the activities of Android GPS for mobile phones. As per the confirmation from the company, the modification already happens with Android 12. The app will now be replaced with Google Assistant driving mode integrated with Google Maps.

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On the other hand, Android Auto will remain active for compatible vehicles. Exclusive portal XDA Developers reported that the GPS is already displaying a warning that it will no longer work.

According to the warning message, users are also being told what to do. In this case, they have to use Google Assistant driving mode, this is for Android 12 phones.

For those who have a previous version of Android, the GPS app will continue to work for now.

Otherwise too, Any device with Android 9 or higher can install Google Assistant Driving Mode. It is recommended that the device has at least 4 GB of RAM memory.

The instrument makes it possible to send and read messages aloud, trigger musical instruments, and more. All this while driving, without taking your attention away from traffic.

More Localization News

Google has also begun work on a mass network of mobile devices for Location. The idea is to create a feature that facilitates the location of a mobile device, tablet or similar. This is if the device has Android operating system.

In June of this year, the first spoilers of the “Spot” project appeared. However, recently new information has been leaked, including a preview of the Google app.

As expected, the tool should be similar to Apple’s Search app. Here, a lost iPhone, for example, can be found even when it is turned off.

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Google’s device name is Find My Device. However, it is not yet known whether this will be the official title of the application. However, there is a Google app of the same name in the Play Store. Looking at this, it is being speculated that this project could be just an update.

As with the other “surprises” that have been discovered, this too should take effect soon. Users are already looking forward to using the Android Finder in the coming months.

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