Government: In a letter to Biden, Mouse and other governors propose to mitigate the effects of climate change

Government: In a letter to Biden, Mouse and other governors propose to mitigate the effects of climate change

Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Jr. is one of the signatories, along with 22 other officials, of a letter addressed to United States President Joe Biden, to propose partnerships and financing strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change. Assembled in the Governors’ Coalition for Climate, they indicate Brazil’s interest in creating collaborative solutions to defend humanity and all species threatened by ecosystem degradation.

The document is sent to the US President on the eve of the April Leaders’ Climate Summit, which takes place on 22 and 23 April and is expected to bring together heads of state from 40 countries. “Brazilian states have great potential to contribute to capturing global emissions”, Text says.

The signatory states of the charter represent 90% of the Brazilian region and technologies to promote climate balance, reduce disparities, environmental regeneration, develop green economic chains and reduce emissions of gases that disrupt climate change Commit to encourage adoption.

“Governments are aware of their responsibilities with the reduction of greenhouse gases, promotion of renewable energy, fight against deforestation, compliance with the Forest Code for conservation of forests and native flora, improving efficiency in agriculture and livestock. Exploring the consortium’s ways to protect indigenous peoples and traditional communities with safety and well-being and local social-productive systems made possible by large-scale afforestation “, the text states.

The governor also emphasizes the search for concrete solutions to tackle poverty, particularly in the areas of forests. “These are actions that can prevent future epidemics, in addition to removing carbon, protecting biodiversity, and reducing poverty”, highlight the signatories.

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alliance – Another proposal of the document is the formation of alliances between Brazilian state governments, the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Latin American leaders, to promote exchanges between them. According to the letter, the joint resolutions of the governors are to be presented in November at COP26, United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

“Governors for the Climate Alliance are structuring inter-climate climate, social and economic policies as the basis for sustainable development”, he explains.

The governor also praises the Biden government’s decision to strengthen the international environmental agenda and the Paris Agreement. “We express our intention to implement joint actions, proposing the cooperation of the states of the United States and Brazil to account for most of the Amazon Rainforest and other biomes, which disturb widespread biodiversity and a planetary Are able to regulate water and carbon cycles. “.

Delegates point out that they have the funds and mechanisms to respond to climate change, which is a transparent way to apply foreign resources for conservation. “Our partnership can combine the investment capacity of the US economy, technological capacity with the addition of public policies, scientific knowledge, innovative tools and business initiatives, large regenerable areas of land, and local governance.”

The proposal, the text indicates, is to unify an agenda that includes environmental protection, productive recovery of degraded areas, and environmental protection, with a focus on reducing inequalities. In this sense, they act to expand green areas not only in the Amazon, but also in other biomes that also have degradation and have a great carbon capture potential, such as Cerrado, Atlantic Forest, Catinga, Pampa and Pantanlal

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However, one of the concerns is that action taken to reduce emissions of pollutants and prevent the planet’s temperature from rising to 1.5 fromC until the end of the century becomes a burden on the poorest countries is the reason That importance cooperates with developed countries, especially in the United States.

“The current terrible epidemic, added to the climatic urgency, requires immediate action to prevent diseases globally”, highlighted a section. “Together, we can quickly build the largest decarbonization economy on the planet, creating a benchmark for promoting the transition of the world economy to a carbon neutral model, guiding a green recovery in the post-pandemic Are “.

Signatories – In addition to Ratinho Jr., Governors Gladson Camelli (AC), Renan Filho (AL), Walden Goose (AP), Wilson Lima (AM), Rui Costa (BA), Camilo Santana (CE), Renato Casagrende also signed the letter Huh. (ES), Ronaldo Caedo (GO), Flavio Dino (MA), Mauro Mendes (MT), Renaldo Azamuza (MS), Romu Gema (MG), Helder Barbalho (PA), Joao Ezhevado (PB), Paulo Camara (PE) ))), Wellington Dias (PI), Cladio Castro (RJ), Fatima Bezra (RN), Eduardo Leite (RS), Belivaldo Chagas (SE), João Doria (SP) and Mauro Carles (TO).

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