Graduation Party: Important topic wasted on boring film

Scene from the film The Graduation Party. Credit: Netflix / Disclosure

You don’t even have to talk Meryl Streep Was subject to kick Graduation party That he got in the project. In fact, it is extremely relevant. Should apply for the same Nicole kidman And other big names in Netflix Production are James Corden. But honestly, director Ryan Murphy slipped. And look, he has presentations of weight like gaiety and posture in his course.

The script is based on the Broadway musical. The play was only one year in the making. The story takes place in a city in the interiors of the state of Indiana in the United States. The bachelorette party, hence the title, is canceled because of a gay student, preventing his partner from taking the ball.


Merry, Nicole and James Decadent play Broadway stars. Immersed in a crisis, they speculate that they need to ride a social cause. This is where the young Emma, ​​who plays Ellen Pelman, appears on Twitter.

The graduation party is a musical. And more: the kind of character you’re talking about and, all of a sudden, the song starts, the dancers enter the scene, etc. This is a very traditional format of the genre. It can be fun, but it is also boring. Therefore, such an important discussion has been dispersed. Love is love and time.

Glides on.

In my opinion, the feature has another problem. The major pair of chemistry is lacking. Namely, Emma (Joe Ellen Pelman) and Alyssa (Ariana DeBoss). And look, Ariana was usually surprised by Hamilton’s performance and appeared on the lists as promising. This is also confirmed in the remake of West Side Story (2021).

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In addition to the big stars, Carey Washington’s compositions, such as Orthodox Mother and James Corden (Tomorrow), also stand out. Remember that she is Mia Warren of Small Fires everywhere.

In short: The Graduation Party is a film with a relevant subject, a scripted script, competent photography, but a boring number of music. The graduation party was considered one of the musicals of the year, but it is very disappointing.

Scene from the film The Graduation Party. Credit: Netflix / Disclosure

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