‘Grease’ actor arrested after entering US asylum

‘Grease’ actor arrested after entering US asylum

Eddie DeJean was arrested for the second time in seven months. (Photo: Reproduction)

Actor Eddie DeJean, 65, was arrested after trying to break into a nursing home in Maryland, United States.

Eddie had already been arrested in September 2021 after getting into a fight at a restaurant. This time, he was caught on security cameras trying to break into some houses and eventually, broke into a nursing home.

He was spotted by a nurse, who contacted the police. Eddie was indicted for “theft, trespassing and breach of the peace”. He also forcibly opened the doors of the rooms where the elders slept.

According to US portal TMZ, a neighbor had already informed the police about the man’s behavior in the neighborhood that morning, but the actor would have fled if the police presence was realized.

Police said Eddie’s criminal record already contains one count of fourth-degree theft, two counts of trespass, and now, one count of breach of the peace.

In September 2021, after being accused of sexual harassment, they had a fight at a restaurant in Maryland. A few days later, he would have been arrested in the same restaurant for creating another mess and throwing food plates at the police.

The actor is still in police custody, but family members claim that he is facing personal and psychological issues.

Eddie became famous after playing the nerdy Eugene Felsnik in the musical Grease. After that, he appeared in over 40 films, the last of which was The Love Suckers in 2016.

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