Great products: a new hub between Italy and the US to drive the world of innovation and start-ups

Great products: a new hub between Italy and the US to drive the world of innovation and start-ups

ANGI – National Association of Young Innovators, the leading Italian organization that promotes innovation and digital, and Great Product (GP), a project development company that builds Italian and European companies for success in finance and marketing in the United States IS, announced a strategic collaboration to develop and grow Italian startups in the United States and open up new high-potential opportunities for American investors.

This alliance allows it to strengthen its position as a point of reference for the global company to access the ANGI network of high potential Italian innovators to foster innovation internationally and create successful initiatives in the United States. .

Through its many subsidiaries, Great Products gives companies instant access to a vast network of qualified investors, venture capital firms and Fortune 1000 companies. The GP team consists largely of successful entrepreneurs and experts in key areas of Intellectual Property, Finance, US. Government regulation and business development, sales and marketing.

ANGI represents young Italian innovators and is already the leader of the network of international partners between France, Germany, USA, South America, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Malta, expanding its projects by strengthening Italy-USA Has been doing. Initiative promoted and supported by important defenders of the European Community and the Italian Diplomatic Corps.

called this synergy Gabriel FerrariPresident of ANGI – will add significant value to our goal of promoting innovation and supporting Italian innovators. To further strengthen our relationship, we have named Ramasi as a member of our Science Committee and our US Ambassador for Innovation. Thank you for providing your professionalism and experience to ANGI. “

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Jonathan RamachiFounder and CEO of Great Product, says: “It is a real honor to work together with Gabriele Ferri and ANGI. It is the culmination of a vision created 10 years ago. Ferreri is a vibrant leader driving Italy’s innovation economy His passion and belief in Italian entrepreneurship is an incredible command. The work of Dr. Ferreri is bringing Italian innovation to the United States, which makes this wonderful relationship destined for success. Raising $50 million to direct and finance it.”

Made in Italy is the result of experiences, cultures and knowledge rooted in the country’s history. It is synonymous with quality, passion, care, innovation, elegance and well designed excellence. There has never been a better time for innovative Italian companies to embrace the American model. The healthcare, renewable energy and technology markets are experiencing engineering growth. The ANGI and GP consortium aims to make a significant impact that will bring about transformative change in the Italian and North American innovation ecosystem.

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