Green sky: understand what happened in the United States

Green sky: understand what happened in the United States

Residents of the US state of South Dakota were shocked by the sky last Tuesday (5). The sky in the Sioux Falls area has turned green due to a rare natural phenomenon.

And no, it’s not a light green or “almost blue”, it was quite an attractive green. However, there is no cause for concern. According to the US National Weather Service, a Wright has been imposed in the state.


green sky

According to the Federal University of Santa Maria, a derecho consists of a broad mass of winds associated with storms that move rapidly and over long regional expansions. The phenomenon is quite rare and does not usually cause the green skies that occurred in South Dakota.

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According to Scientific American, the green color is the result of very strong winds. However, there is no scientific conclusion as to the reasons for the change in colour. The leading theory is that when such a storm occurs during sunset, the sky turns red, with water particles in the air making it appear green.

See Some Green Sky Records in South Dakota

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