Griselli defends network neutrality review to unlock 5G

Griselli defends network neutrality review to unlock 5G
Alberto Griselli, CEO of TIM – Credits: Disclosure

Alberto Griselli, President of Conexis and CEO of TIM, reviews net neutrality as a way to balance the telecommunications chain and unlock the potential of the 5G ecosystem in Brazil, during the opening of this Tuesday, 28, TeleBrasil panel. defended. , which could ensure a profit of R$590 billion per year to the economy. According to him, OTTs consume about 80% of the generated traffic, without contributing to the creation of the network.

Griselli said that in countries where net neutrality has been reviewed, such as the United States and South Korea, Netflix has entered into commercial agreements with operators Comcast and SK Telecom, respectively, to provide more quality to its customers. AT&T and Vodafone, from the United Kingdom, offer different services to different customers, such as between aviation, banking and even OTT, without paying for the network, he said. Provide low and high definition services with different prices. ,


“We need to evolve from net neutrality to the next neutrality, where OTT finances the network and the customer chooses what’s best for him,” Griselli stressed. For that, eliminating inequalities leads to more balanced profitability along the value chain making the service offering more flexible. The executive said that Anatel already has this understanding and is beginning to discuss a possible transition to net neutrality.

Griselli said that, in the past 12 months, there have been very significant transformational events for the development of the region, such as the restructuring of the sector, with the organized departure of Oi Mouvel, with benefits for government customers and volume, value. And for the development of competitiveness on the basis of paying more attention to the consumer. The second, according to him, was the 5G auction, which focused on investments in expanding service, infrastructure and job creation.

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The third point is the amount of investment in the region of BRL 38.5 billion in 2021, which was implemented before the pandemic and is likely to continue at this pace in the coming years. The president of Conexis said the sector generated 17% more direct employment than in 2019 and is growing below inflation. “This demonstrates the region’s strong resilience and its centrality in the Brazilian economy,” he said.


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