Hacked Japanese crypto exchange Liquid gets $120 million loan from FTX

Hacked Japanese crypto exchange Liquid gets $120 million loan from FTX

A week ago, the trading platform lost around $100 million as a result of a hacker attack. Money received from FTX, she will use to grow the business

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid Received $120 million loan from FTX Trading, which owns the FTX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. The Japanese crypto exchange will use the funds raised to increase liquidity, improve customer support services, and license Liquid’s activities in Japan and Singapore.

On August 19, Liquid representatives announced hacking, resulting from the addresses of the trading platform it was Kidnapping According to analyst firm Elliptic, about $100 million. Representatives of the exchange did not disclose the amount of damages resulting from the hack, however. blessed Assurance to its users that the event will not affect the operation of the Site in any way.

Liquid is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, founded in 2014. The maximum daily trading volume on the exchange was $1.1 billion in 2021.

FTX is one of the five largest crypto exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume. On the previous day, trading volume on the site stood at $15.2 billion.

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