Halo Infiniti gets new images of its graphics improvements

Halo Infiniti gets new images of its graphics improvements

a 343 industries Brought update on Hello infinite During Inside infinity This Thursday (25). New images of the game were released, Much better, inclusive than what was presented in the first game’s trailer.

the creator Alex le Baulicott Commented on the advancement in game graphics. “Following the demo of the July campaign last year, the team continued to work on exceptional graphics and lights to provide an exceptional experience.” Alex wrote.

“The team’s efforts are finally paying off and we are excited to show some results to our community,” Added manufacturer.

Images published in the publication were captured PC And not Microsoft.

Inside released more news about the next game in the franchise, including the cycle of day and night, which would, among other things, bring more exploration possibilities to Halo Infinity. Check out the entire interview of the developers on the Halo website.

Initially scheduled to be launched in November 2020 as well Xbox series X / S, Halo Infiniti was postponed until the end of 2021, 343 with promising improvements to previously presented graphics.

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