Harry Styles defends his mom after being criticized for wearing the dress


Mom Ann says that the ‘watermelon sugar’ hit maker has always loved fancy dresses since she was a child when she came to her rescue after criticism over her sex-crime outfit.

Harry Styles“Mommy Anne has hit out at critics of her son’s transgender Vogue cover photoshoot.

Harry made history last week (finally November 15, 20) by becoming Vogue’s first single man – but he criticized the decision to embrace his feminine side by dressing up for some pictures. Made. Candies ounces And Ben Shapiro And their followers.

On UK TV showsLorraineOn Tuesday, Ann jumped to her son’s rescue – stating that she had always encouraged him to “dress up”.

“I guess I probably had something to do with it because when I was younger I was always a big fan of fancy dressing with them, which (Harry’s sister) Gemma always hated. Always hug. ” “But who doesn’t like to play dress-up?”

The pop star’s mother, who is raising money for the charity Parkinson’s UK, added that she sees Harry approving the Covid-19 ban this Christmas.

“Who knows what will happen but I’m crossing my fingers,” he added. “It would be a very different Christmas if I didn’t meet them. They’re both vegetarians now, so I’m the only one who eats turkey!”

Harry’s sense of sexual fluidity has waned even further, as the bosses of the fashion online fashion shopping platform list put him at the top of the 2020 Power Dresser list after crushing research, ideas and sales metrics from his clients.

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“Watermelon Sugar” Hitmaker beats BNS to second place with BTS rapper R.M. In third place.

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