Hayley Williams ruined the former Parmore member after his anti-gay remarks


The paramour lead vocalist suggests that Joey Froe was convicted of leaving his band a decade ago for his negative views on LGBTK when he described homosexuality as “a perversion”.

Hayley Williams The former shade appeared Paramount Member Josh Farrow As he reiterated the band’s pro-LGBTK + stance on Twitter on Wednesday (October 28, 20).

The 31-year-old was responding to a recent remark by his former bandmate Josh, where he called homosexuality “a disorder”.

Although he did not name Faro directly, he suggested that his views were responsible for his departure from the group in 2010.

“There’s a reason there are only 3 people left in Permore. Surprisingly, hateful, that’s not my reason,” he wrote. “Paramore does not accept religious / politically explicit beliefs that leave our LGBTQ + friends, fans and family feeling abandoned and frustrated.”

“If it doesn’t make fun of you, then feel free to go where all the previous members of the paramour have gone, where they have actually gone other than paramour.”

While Jack Farrow Back in 2010, he left Paremore with Brother Josh, and Jack later joined the group. In his current line-up, Williams and Taylor York.

Hayley ended her post with a direct message Brian J. . Kannur – The creative director of his good dye Young Hair Dye Company – writes, “To the LGBTQ Q + family of Paramor, you are full of love and you are loved.”

Back in 2011, Hayley admitted that her breakup with Josh was partly responsible for the tension in the band. They broke up during the “riots”! Wheel. “It was really difficult, because we were all friends, and then going through a breakup and going through some kind of stress as a band,” he said back.

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