HBO Max Releasing This Week (05/04/2022)

HBO Max Releasing This Week (05/04/2022)

Not every week on HBO Max is popular, but the streaming platform always has something good on its list of launches. And even though the catalog is full of old movies, there are interesting productions for you to watch.

As a novelty, perhaps it is worth mentioning the launch of the second season made for loveJoe stood out among clients for his contemporary humor in a very technical and very current plot of love and divorce.

Speaking of series, Tokyo Vice your won season finale This week, presenting the end of the story of a journalist who travels to Japan to investigate Jacob and joins the criminal underworld. And the more the season has ended, the more likely we’ll have new episodes to come.

For movie fans, it’s worth highlighting the premieres of historical dramas, in addition to the many catalog titles that have popped up on HBO Max. United States vs Billie Holiday, one of the greatest jazz singers of all time; And Dreamland: Dreams and IllusionsWhich happens during the Great Depression.

To close, there’s another novelty documentary worth watching on HBO Max. DB Cooper Mystery, which tells the intriguing story of the only unsolved plane hijacking in American history. And the story is absurd, to the extent of being a joke: A man hijacked a Boeing 727 mid-flight, stole $200,000, and disappeared without a trace after parachuting.

Want more cool things to watch on HBO Max? to abide by canaltec Lists all the upcoming movies and series in the streaming catalog this week.

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