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This Thursday afternoon, Biya Haddad attended an event in So Paulo. Tennis player revealed backstage pairing up with Kazakh Anna Danilina, who WTA 500. won made history in January and later with Australian Open runner-up,

“Actually, I didn’t have his phone number. instagram, Actually it happened that my mother took a list. We printed it out and found out who already has a partnership. We really couldn’t find any girls. She was one of the last to accept, but she was also taking the risk of going Australian and losing the tournament. We know how difficult it is, she is ranked 300th in the singles world and will stop playing.”

“Our relationship was going more on the court. About fifteen minutes before we entered, we talked: ‘Which side do you want to play?’. She said she likes to play in the back. I said: ‘Man, I’m for you’. In fact, she had the best ranking and I wanted to make her very comfortable to choose”, added the 25-year-old athlete, who will play alongside Argentine Nadia Podorowska, who was injured.

Bea understands that, being European, Anna is “very quiet”: “She would loosen up when I vibrated too much, but she didn’t have that characteristic and, at times, that would help her play.” Doesn’t make it easy. Always spoke, regardless of right or wrong, he was always ahead Play, next point. He was really good.”

Haddad also stated that, after defeating Gabriela Dabrowski and Giuliana Olmos for the first game of the WTA 500, she spoke to Daniela and noted the potential of both. In the decision, on 15 January, he defeated Vivian Heisen and Panna Udvardi by 2 sets to 1 (4/6, 7/5 and 10/8) and won the trophy.

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“Walking into the dressing room, we said we had a chance to do great things. We were saving a lot of games, going through a lot of trouble, and that gave us confidence. I think we created more intimacy in Sydney.” But we actually talked a lot inside. On the court, we didn’t do specific training for both. In Melbourne, when we started getting more results, we trained some points that we needed to improve.” , he announced.

“We at least had lunch together, we talked a little more. But we don’t have much intimacy, I don’t know what she likes to listen to or eat. I know she plays for Kazakhstan. By the way Also, I didn’t talk much with him anymore”, he concluded.

After suffering injuries in recent years, Biya Haddad Became the third Brazilian woman to reach a Grand Slam final, With runners-up in Australia, she climbed eight places in the WTA world rankings and is currently ranked 75th.

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