He directs Tom DeLong, the first scientist to create ‘California Monsters’.

Tom DeLonge to Make

The former Blink-182 Frontman has previously worked behind the lens for the 2014 short film ‘Poet Anderson’, which won Best Animated Short Film at the Toronto International Short Film Festival.

Aceshobiz – Ex Blink-182 Front Tom DeLong Is going to make his feature director debut with a science film “Monsters of California“.

The film will be based on a script he co-wrote with Ian Miller. “Stop your excitement“Actors Richard type, Casper van Diane And sports illustrated models Camille Kostek.

According to Deadline, the big screen project is an upcoming story exploring a series of mysterious events about a group of teenagers.

The shooting of the film has already started, which will feature the original music of DeLong. He first stepped behind the camera for the 2014 short film “Poet Anderson”, which won Best Animated Short Film at the Toronto International Short Film Festival.

The musician is also known for his passion for unknown flying jects objects, and was previously named UFO Researcher of the Year. Tom has also produced history’s “Unknown: US UFO Investigation” and earlier this year exposed the videos he took in 2017 that allegedly capture alien life forms.

DeLonge’s passion for sci-fi style and his growing experience will play a role in the story.

“I’ve been playing this story in my dreams for decades,” DeLong said in a statement. “It shows all aspects of my strange existence, including growing up as a disabled teen skateboarder in the San Diego suburbs. I had a tight group of friends who never missed a chance to get people out. And I used to smile a lot. Cry. ”

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“Camry, curiosity, anger and confusion are all things that led me to Blink-182 and this story is built on my passion with some blurred lines between science and scientific imagination.”

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