He-Man is back in the series from Netflix

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Pop culture imagery in the 1980s “By the Powers of Grayskull, I Have Strength!” In voice actor García Jr., the character He-Man is back, which has now been helmed in a new animated series on Netflix. Against any and all sexism of the past and is set to premiere this Friday the 23rd. It’s a premiere starring Mark Hamill, the eternal Luke Skywalker, playing the villain Skeleton, in the original version. And this return to the design based on the Mattel toy line—a project by producer Lou Scheimmer (1928–2013) turning the doll into animation, originally shown in the United States from 1983 to 1985—was an official filmmaker’s take. The nerd brings the brand to the direction: American Kevin Smith.

Responsible for milestones in indie cinema like wanted amy (1997), 50 Years Director – Today . The development of the third part of Clerk, 1994 – is the director responsible for the return of heiman In Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia (Masters of the Universe: Revelation) but the plot gives more prominence to the warrior Oil Who, in America, won the voice of Sarah Michelle Gellar from the series vampire slayer. It is she who will begin the journey after the power of the sword, after the disappearance of the champion of Eternia, in the reopening of Grayskull Castle for the digital platform, an animation expert, Robert David (from Max Steel), as executive producer.

In an interview via Zoom Two, David explains, “It’s not about re-painting Teela, as her warrior pride was already there. It was just a matter of valuing and honoring all the bravery that she had.” She has always shown, letting the character follow her destiny.” state, explaining that the 1980s series was already betting on empowered women. “Just remember Witch. There was no one more powerful than him. She was the one who had the magic way.”

Magic is the essential word in the scripts directed by Smith, as the episode that follows is a crusade in favor of spirituality in Eternia. In the opening minutes, a fight ensues between Skeleton and He-Man (there, the voice is Chris Wood, Mon-El’s). super girl; The dubbing here is by Glauco Marx) culminating in a sort of disappearance of the two, which investigates the validity of everything mysterious in Eternia, creating a mechanistic process that submerges that reality into the Age of Technology. threatens, vice versa, everything spiritual – including emotional values. In the midst of this danger, Tila—who moved away from the kingdom—and her father, a mixed inventor and soldier Teacher, to walk a kind samurai path – called to save his world. On his side, the public has two old acquaintances: the tiger. Calm (change ego warrior cat) and the magician gorpo (Orco in the United States), famous for its voice among Brazilian fans mario george (one of the greatest voice actors in the country) and for short musicals Good overcomes evil, fears the storm.

“This new series is a love letter to the 1980s, revising and preserving a central concept of the past. masters of the universeThe cry of ‘I have the strength’ is a sign that the power is in oneself. heiman It is a metaphor for the qualities present in all of us. As it was in the 1980s, the show is about facing our fears and embracing who we are, as with Teela,” says David, who wrote the animated series. Mutant Ninja Turtles, from 2008, is also based on a hit Ploc. “The biggest news we have now with regards to series of pictures from the past, is the fact that streaming (with the option of marathoning products) allows that narratives can be serialized, i.e. continuous, of one saga like, and is no longer procedural, i.e., plots that begin and end in the same episode. This allows viewers to follow an arc for an entire season, with each episode being a part of that saga. An episode in Part I and II.”

forever associated with a film project of Superman, with Nicolas Cage, never filmed, by Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia A super-production situation, depending on the cast of its voices. director of twitter dogma (1999) E Paying well, what’s wrong with that? (2008) stated that the Netflix series is a “spiritual sequel” to old-time cartoons. In addition to Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Wood, and Hamill, she cast Lena Headey (The Cersei of.) game of Thrones) as fatal; for eternity Patricia from Beverly Hills Alicia Silverstone, as queen marlena; Dennis Hesbert (President Palmer twenty four hours) to be ree gracekul; and your fetish actor, justin long (Of Tusk: Change Trans) I Jason Mewes (O jai de bestiroll empire strike back), What Robot I smelly.

“When Lena reached out to give Maligna a voice, she joked, ‘I can’t believe I’m going to be with Luke Skywalker!’ We were all delighted when Hamill arrived to lend his voice to Skeleton. And, Lena and her, a slew of great actresses and actors joined the project,” says David, underscoring the director-writer touch with Kevin Smith on the series. has given. “He is someone who loves genre stories and knows the value of these adventure saga. Kevin’s films are based on passionate struggles. masters of the universe In an emotional monologue.”

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