He stole them and they offered him a reward and a job. The most powerful hacker in the history of cryptocurrency

He stole them and they offered him a reward and a job. The most powerful hacker in the history of cryptocurrency

Finally, the hacker behind the biggest cryptocurrency heist of all time has released the final tranche of stolen funds, estimated to be around $600 million.

poly network, in one platform The sector of digital finance to hit big on the 10th of this month, hackers or hackers seen stealing over $600 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Hackers (it is not known whether this was an individual or a group) attacked Poly Network, a company that specializes in cryptocurrency transfers, in one of the largest digital money thefts in history. But by the 12th of the same month, they had returned almost all the stolen funds in a slow chain of transactions.

According to CNBC, the thieves took advantage of a flaw in the Poly Network code that allowed them to transfer money to their accounts.

In a strange twist, the Poly Network hacker didn’t get away with it and instead opened a dialogue with Target, promising to return all the money.

To be sure, the hacker returned almost all of the money left by its issuers last week, frozen by an estimated $33 million.

It was a valuable catch, and yet more than $200 million in assets were locked in an account that required passwords from both the Poly Network and the hacker.

For the past few days, the hacker refused to hand over his password.

The Poly Network has appealed to a hacker to return the remaining funds to a “white hat” hacker.

The platform promised a $500,000 reward for helping the unidentified person identify a flaw in its security systems, and even offered him a job as “chief security advisor.”

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Currently, the hacker has finally given Poly Network access to the last batch of stolen funds.

The company said that the “white hat” hacker shared the so-called private keys needed to gain control of the remaining assets from the amount stolen.

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