Heaven and the Serpent: The Real History-Inspired Series Meets Trailer on Netflix, Check it Out

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Heaven and snakeInspired by the real true story of Charles Sobhraj, a criminal who hunted western tourists along the Southeast Asian Hippie Trail during the 1970s, an official trailer is found on Netflix.

The new series will feature a Golden Globe nominee, starring Tahir Rahim.

Watch the video below:

More details of the unprecedented project are revealed in the official summary:

“Pretending to be a gem seller, Charles Sobhraj and his girlfriend Marie-Andrei Lecler toured Thailand, Nepal and India during 1975 and 1976, committing various crimes on the” hippie trail “in Asia. For young Western tourists, A young diplomat from the Dutch embassy in Bangkok, named Herman Knippenberg, inadvertently gets involved in this complex web of crimes and, with the help of his wife Angela, for the manipulation of police and witnesses from various countries of the world Sobhraj, along with arrest warrants on multiple continents, will make the criminal the most wanted man by Interpol. The eight-episode mini star Taher Rahim (as Charles Sobhraj), Jenna Coleman (as Marie-Andrei Lecler)., Billy Howell (as Herman Nippenberg), Ellie Bumber (as Angela Nippenberg), Amesh Adirevera (as Ajay Chaudhary) and Tim McNiern (with Paul Simmons), among others. Produced by Mammoth Screen, ITV “Paradise and the Serpent”, part of the studios, is a co-production of BBC One and Netflix, featuring Richard Warlow and Toby Finn Along with Jayle’s screenplay, directed by Tom Shankland and Han Herritotts, produced by Stephen Smallwood and produced by Richard Warlow, Tom Shankland, Preity Mawhalli and Damien Timmer for Executive Mammoth Screen. The series “Paradise and the Serpent” was filmed in Thailand and the United Kingdom. Although the plot is inspired by a true story, all the dialogues are fictitious. “

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First season of Heaven and snake Premieres on 2 April Especially by Netflix.

Until then, read more news from Netflix on Cinema 10.

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