Heggy Penn modeled Debbie on the Vogue cover. Supported teenage daughter Lenny in the making

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Joining the 16-year-old supermodel to grace the front page of the German edition of the magazine, the 47-year-old supermodel tells her daughter that the Vogue cover is the first step. [in] The career you dream of. ‘

Heidi pen Can’t be more proud of her young daughter’s career choices. When Lenny Kalam started her modeling career following in her footsteps, “Germany’s next top model“The host showed her full support when she was 16 years old in publishing the January / February 2021 issue of Vogue Germany.

Sharing the special mother-daughter cover on Instagram, the 47-year-old supermodel wrote in German, “I’m so proud of you. And not because you’ve chosen this path. I know whatever you do. On the way, it will be your own. “He continued in his post on Thursday, December 10,” You always know what you want and what you don’t want. You’re not a mini-mean. And I’m yours. I’m glad you can now show who you are. ”

“I know it’s not always easy to be my daughter. You’ve never had a chance to grow up normally. But what’s common? Growing up with three different dads probably won’t be the same,” she added. Said. “But you have the talent to get the most out of everything. And I would say: none of it hurt you – on the contrary: you are a confident girl who fights for her goals. And more.” Important: You are. A truly great person at the right place in your heart. ”

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Heidi reminded Lenny, “Always keep what you have.” [she has] Given [her] For the last 16 years, big decisions in life, but also for very few people. Finally, he noted, “Vogue is the best way to start the career you dream of.” And although it is a little difficult for me to let you go into this world, I will always do everything to make you happy and make your dreams come true. I’m proud to be your mom! ”

She wanted to use a photo sharing site to celebrate her modeling debut. Expressing happiness on her first cover shoot, she wrote in the caption, “Looking forward to my first cover !! I had so much fun on set with oguevoguegermany, couldn’t dream of a great start !! Thank you for being on my behalf through ਦੁਆਰਾHediclum. ”

In an interview with VoteLenny admits she’s always wanted to be a model. “It was just a matter of time before I would try to be a model on my own. The first offer came when I was only 12 or 13 years old, from the brand I loved to wear: Brandy Melville. At that time I loved my mother. Requested, but no chance. Now I understand it would have been too soon, “he said.

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