Hello Games Scene Murray Studio’s Next No Man’s Sky Size Game

Hello Games Scene Murray Studio’s Next No Man’s Sky Size Game

Hello Games is best known for its controversial but ultimately-beloved No man’s sky, Working on some other games. Last week, the developer released The last campfire, A captivating adventure / puzzle game in the genre The Legend of Zelda (But without a fight). But this is not the only project Hello Games is working on. Last week, the studio’s founder, Sean Murray, spoke with Polygon about the team’s desire to create a new, random project, with a caption titled Murray, “Like a giant, ambitious game. No man’s sky

Shift for small projects like Hello Games The last campfire (Now released on all consoles, PCs, and Apple Arcade) seems to be a surprise No man’s sky. It would be predictable for the team to showcase particularly big titles that promise world-class promise. But Murray said that when he set up the studio, it was just him and three other guys making games that he always wanted to make.

“I worked at EA before the Hello Games started, and we just did a lot of sequels,” Murray told Polygon. “Everything I worked on was a sequel to something. I found something sad in some parts. That was the reason for the move. ”

Hello Games just released the final campfire
Image: Hello Games

This was the studio’s first project since leaving EA Joe Danger, A unique arcade game about stunt racer, created by a team of four people. It was so successful that, ironically, he went ahead and made a sequel: That risk..

“I had a little bit of a half-life crisis [after Joe Danger 2]Murray said. “It simply came to our notice then No man’s skyYou know, I was nervous. I knew as a studio what I wanted to play No man’s sky Eventually it happened, but I was like this, if it never happens to me and if we just keep doing the next thing and the next thing and life goes on. I was just starting to think about having kids and things, but I was just like that, maybe it is? Maybe I’ll find myself forever on this treadmill? ”

And so Hello Games decided to make something big and weird and important that could still work in its small studio structure. For the most part No man’s skyIn the development of, the team was only six people, when it was sent, expanded to 15. Still, it was a small team that was reverberating around the game.

Hello Games now has 26 people. Only three of them beat the team The last campfire. The rest of the team is divided. One of the remaining 23 is in progress Support No man’s sky With updates. The second part is working on the next “big” project of Hello Games.

Not offering much in the way of the dead specifics, preferring to wrap up the next project now. However, he kept thinking about the lessons learned after the chaos No man’s sky ‘And whether he will do anything different for this new project.

“Is this a poison trick or a deal with the devil that I think any indie game developer will actually find a very difficult option, right?” The choice we had No man’s sky Where I would go again, I would have a hard time figuring out what the right path was. Where you have a great interest in your sport, you will have great enthusiasm for it. But you will be in a rocket ship, heading towards the sun, and you will be building that rocket along the way.

“And there is a zeal and a longing in it. Where we’ve finished the game, where we’ve had hundreds of millions of hours and a very happy community community and all sorts of things like that, you know, I’m fine with the deal we did, right? “

But Murray admits that a toll was definitely taken on his team regarding his mental health after the initial injury. “It was a very difficult process and I don’t want to put anyone in it again,” he said.

Thanks for the success No man’s sky, Murray says the team could cool down with a few small releases The last campfire. “We’re in a lucky position that this has been mostly a creative endeavor … It’s very different if you’re an Indian studio that depends on how people feel about your game in the first 30 seconds.”

So the dead team would like to follow the tempo for the next big one No man’s skySize project? Would it be better to surprise everyone with an amazing start anywhere? He is not so sure.

“I think about it a lot and I don’t know where I got down to it. There’s really something positive about talking too much about your game. Where you get people interested in it who don’t play it. We see with him No man’s sky. We appealed to a lot of people, many of whom may not know about this game, right? If we made or launched this or that, some of our biggest fans would never have heard of it.

“So it’s very difficult. But I go back, did a lot of different press occasions and things like that. And I think what we did – about half and a lot of where we got in trouble, I think, where we got naive – we didn’t really need to do that and our success would have been the same level, you know? And this is my own personal benefit. Ok? There were a lot of opportunities in front of us, and we were told they were the right things to do and I looked back and I’m not sure they were the highest and most important as a result. ”

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