Here’s How to Publish a Business Book in 13 Steps

You don’t need to be the next “Adrian Slywotzky” to write an influential business book that sells like crazy. If you have actionable advice or new perspectives that can help people in the business industry, you can write a great business book by following the thirteen tips mentioned below – keep reading to find out!

1. Improve Your Writing Skills

You’re undoubtedly going to need good writing skills so you can keep people reading your book from the first end to the end. Instead of relying heavily on writing tools, you need to polish your writing skills so you can persuasively convey your message.

Joining a writing class is the simplest way to improve your writing skills in a short time. The guidance of a mentor and the activities you perform with other students will help you become a better writer.

It’s better to enroll in an in-person writing course to grow your network and sharpen your writing skills faster. However, if you have a strict daily routine, you can consider taking an online writing course to save time and effort.

2. Find Your Writer’s Voice

You don’t need to “impersonate” a famous writer to write a great business book. Instead, you need to “identify” your writer’s voice to make yourself differentiable and engage your readers the right way.

Joining a writing class can also help you find out your writer’s voice in a short time. But if your writing skills are good and you don’t want to join a class, you can start “rewriting” some of your favorite books to identify and improve your writer’s voice.

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3. Read More Books

Reading is what’s going to help you write better. The more books you read, the easier it will be for you to identify what separates a good book from a bad book. This is why you need to invest more time in reading so you can avoid making fatal mistakes when writing.

You don’t need to disturb your daily routine to read more books. If you have a tight schedule, you can consider some of your time to read daily. Consider borrowing books from your local library to save money.

If you drive around 60 minutes daily, you should consider listening to audiobooks to learn from famous books on the go.

4. Develop Your Writing Routine

Writing is something that can never be done “haphazardly.” You need to sit down and focus your thoughts on one topic to come up with ideas and persuasively phrase them.

Instead of trying to write whenever you’re free, it’s better to develop a writing routine you can follow for a long time.

Developing a writing routine doesn’t mean you need to spend every single minute according to a plan. Instead of coming up with “hard and fast rules” when developing your writing routine, you should consider being flexible so you can boost your creativity.

5. Start With an Outline

The best way you can write better and faster is by following an outline. Having an outline helps you streamline your ideas and enables you to boost your productivity.

When developing an outline, you should not force yourself to include “every single detail” in it. Your outline doesn’t have to be more than a basic sketch of what you are going to include in your book. Try adding new ideas to your outline later instead of developing a perfect outline.

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6. Finish Your First Draft

Completing your first draft according to your outline will boost your confidence and make it easier for you to make the necessary changes.

Make sure you let your thoughts flow whether you’re writing on paper or your laptop. Set achievable goals when working on your draft so you can get more done in a short time. Get rid of distractions when writing so you can finish your draft faster.

7. Get Your Work Reviewed

After you’re done writing your first draft, make sure you get it reviewed by an editor. Only a skilled editor can identify the factual, logical, and grammatical mistakes in your book and fix those mistakes on time.

You can read online guides like this one to learn how to find an editor for your book in case you don’t have an editor in your network.

8. Choose Your Publishing Strategy

You can either get your book “self-published” or get on a deal with a publishing house after you’re done writing your book. To choose the right publishing path, make sure you explore the benefits and downsides of both publishing streams, so you don’t regret your decision in the future.

9. Develop Your Marketing Plan

Proper marketing is the only way you can sell more copies of your book faster. Make sure you create a personalized marketing plan for your book so you can achieve the goals you’ve dreamt of. Learn how you can market your book without hiring professionals if you are on a tight budget and want quick results.

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10. Get Active on Socials

Social media is the best place for promoting your book to potential readers. Start by identifying the channels your readers like the most. Create profiles on famous social channels and develop a proper social media calendar so you can publish content properly.

11. Appear on Leading Podcasts

Landing an episode on one of the top podcasts can help you increase your influence as a trusted business writer. Reach out to famous podcast presenters politely so you can get a chance to share your ideas and promote your book in the best possible manner by appearing on a podcast.

12. Build Your Website

A great website can help you make a great “first impression” on your existing and potential readers. Instead of hiring a professional website designer, you can learn how to develop your website to save your money and develop a website that truly reflects your persona.

13. Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

Having a sizable email list can help you promote your book without spending a lot of money. Make sure you choose the right “lead magnets” on your website and social channels to get more email subscribers. Compare the leading email marketing tools to choose the one that suits you most.

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