hey spleen

hey spleen

I watch commercials for television debates, big and small, involving Ventura and others, shows that are and others that don’t get hot or cool, and a deep fatigue invades me.

At one point, Eka tells Ramalho that he is fighting this impenetrable demon – Tilli.

I feel in a parallel position.

I can’t get excited.

I can’t seem to find winners and losers, sparks of wit, creativity, magic or, not to ask for too much, new ideas.

Sensation is the correct word. which seems applicable to me.

The pandemic is leaving us with us. The excellence of our self-management, astonished by how well the President of the Republic.

So we will celebrate our indomitable and inescapable gift of coping.

But the political landscape becomes so elliptical that it leads us down the same path.

ie. We all realize our tragedy.

We are at a crossroads and tied.

Neither the left wing gets rid of its contradictions, nor does the right wing find a sea route to India.

Our inability to choose is our life imprisonment.

I cannot identify pure enthusiasm, an innovative path, an invitation that cannot be turned down.

All the participants of this contest are bound by their own contradictions and their dogmas.

And they invent slogans and concepts that, almost without realizing it, prevent a direct vision of the future.

Some say the minimum wage will continue to rise and they celebrate.

Socially it is forbidden to contest elections.

But on the other hand, the one who does the math remembers how the average salary is crushed and there is no limit to the maximum salary.

Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that this proposal is an easy way to use democracy as a mask of a social revolution.

Everyone else will feel without difficulty that they will remain the same more and more.

How long will your sociable resist?

Others remember that the time to come will be a time of rising prices, increasing poverty and decreasing the value of wages. no one cares. Everyone pretends they have nothing to do with it.

Another measure these days is the strengthening of the National Health Service. The reality is that, with the current challenges and the current model, either it will not resist or the Portuguese will not resist without consultation, examination or surgery for their common ailments.

Minimum yield is discussed as if it were a whip or a means of protection. No one knows how an unemployed person remains immersed in unemployment, how the professional curriculum is a caricature, how someone who enters this path spends decades without doing anything and without horizon for an opportunity.

The official truth that the country grows, that it stands, that it gets rich, is an example. The second is the opposite.

It is worth noting that most of the contesting parties avoid these questions.

What is happening is corruption that everyone condemns and no one shows a clear desire to change the conditions necessary for promptness of trial.

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What is happening is the populism of the left and the right and the anomaly of the centre.

No, in this scenario, as one party leader unfortunately said, I am Catholic but I do not practice it.

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