Hobart passenger flight from Sydney canceled due to NSW coronavirus outbreak

Hobart passenger flight from Sydney canceled due to NSW coronavirus outbreak

The 2020 Hobart Yacht Race from Sydney has been canceled due to a coronavirus outbreak in New South Wales.

Cruising Hatch Club of Australia (CYCA) said in a statement that the decision to cancel Hosbert’s 76th Sydney was taken after the Tasmanian government declared Greater Sydney a “moderate risk” zone.

The yacht club said it was “incredible” to continue the race because the restrictions would require all competitors, families, race management and staff to be isolated for 14 days upon arrival in Tasmania.

CYCA Commodore Noel Cornish said it would be the first time in its 76-year history that the race had not been held.

“We are deeply disappointed with the cancellation of this year’s race, especially considering the plans and preparations we had for a CVID-safe race,” he said in a statement.

Alternative breeds were considered by the club, but the request to limit non-essential travel by residents of the NSW Premier Glades Berezclian left it without other options.

The statement also said that the logistics and planning for participating in and participating in the race has prevented it from being postponed.

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Earlier on Saturday, Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwen said organizers of the Hobart Yacht race from Sydney had held discussions with Tasmanian public health officials and believed it would be “very challenging” to lead the race.

The cancellation this year means the yacht race will not be held for the first time in 76 years.(Supplied: STHR / Carlo Borlengi)

The club said it believes the ban will be lifted in the near future, with the club’s main idea being to protect competitors, members and staff, and the people of NSW and Tasmania.

“The race has a long and proud history and we look forward to continuing this great tradition next year,” Cornish said.

Tasmania will classify Greater Sydney as a “moderate risk” from midnight on Saturday. Sydney’s North Beaches Council area remains at high risk.

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