Horror movie with the actress of A Baraca do Bejo Roux on Netflix

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Slender Man: Nightmare Without a Face, with A Baraca do Beijo’s Joy King, reached the top 10 on Netflix. But, the subscribers of this horror film are making a lot of noise.

As it is a modern phenomenon, many fans created anticipation for the film. Slender Man was a character that came off the internet scaring many youngsters.

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However, the film once again manages to disappoint. Before Netflix, there was a panic in the cinema with the actress of A Baraka Do Bejo.

On Rotten Tomatoes, a well-known aggregator of reviews, the approval is only 8%. On social media, Netflix subscribers criticized the Joy King feature, saying it was “raw”, “crawy” and “awful”.

Check out Netflix subscribers’ reactions to Slender Man: Nightmare Without a Face, which featured the actress from A Baraca do Bejo.

The Story of Slender Man with the Actress of A Baraca do Beijo

Slender Man: Nightmare Without a Face follows the story of friends Hallie, Chloe, Wren and Katie, residents of a small town in the United States.

Bored and too interested in the supernatural world, the quartet find a way to summon the dreaded Slender Man on the Internet.

For those who don’t know, the Slender Man (Slim Man, literally translated) is a mythical creature of the Internet, known as an extremely tall, slim and pale man, always dressed in a suit and fully dressed. than happens with a blank face, like a blank canvas.

Two weeks later, Katie mysteriously disappears during a school trip to a historic cemetery.

Determined to find their lost friend, Hailey, Chloe and Wren suspect that the legend of Slender Man is not just an internet hoax, but a terrifying reality.

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In Slender Man: A Nightmare with a Face, Joey King takes on the role of protagonist Wren, who is believed to be the leader of a group of friends who join the horror unit.

Katie, Chloe and Hailey, Wren’s best friends, are played by Annalize Basso (Ouija: The Origin of Evil), Jazz Sinclair (The Dark World of Sabrina) and Julia Goldani Tales (The Affair), respectively.

Actor Javier Botet, best known for playing demons in films like Mama, The Mummy (2017) and Rec, brings the creepy Slender Man to life.

The cast of Slender Man: Nightmare Without a Face also stars Kevin Chapman (24 Hours), Jessica Blank (The Following) and Michael Reilly Burke (Star Trek).

Slender Man: Nightmare Without a Face, with Joy King from A Baraca do Beijo, is on Netflix.

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