House krill will be the most important element of the season

House krill will be the most important element of the season

There’s going to be a lot of drama with a bunch of characters from strange things Separated by the United States and Russia, say the actors.

Caleb McLaughlin And Sadie Sinkwho play Lucas and Max spoke with screen rent And talked a little more about how the characters’ separation would affect the story.

Like his co-stars, he tries to convey as much as possible without getting into trouble with the show’s creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

Caleb said the season would work a lot on the issue of distances, and how each group would have their own plot and mystery. He also revealed that in addition to each group’s arc, each person’s own personal story would also take place at the same time:

“When you look at the poster, there are four different places in the squares: there’s California, there’s Russia, there’s Hawkins, and then there’s another place that I can’t comment on. Everyone has their own story, but within each of them people have their own stories. It is strange that people everywhere are going through their own circumstances.

Sadie completed the idea by saying that krael houseOne of the new elements introduced this season will be a location where many mysteries will be solved:

“The Duffers really had a specific vision for each space. Obviously, we have Hawkins that everyone knows and loves. But we’ll be able to explore Krell House this year, which I’m more about.” Can’t say but This is a very important place in terms of unraveling some of the mysteries of this season.”

Isolation will cause new challenges for the group

New images from the fourth season of Stranger Things (Reproduction/Netflix)

Sadie also revealed that many of the conflicts the characters face this time are directly related to Hawkins not being together. According to him, places bring different sensations in terms of energy, and much of what they encounter has to do with being away from their home:

“Each place has a different feel and vibe, and there is also the issue of distance between the characters. With that comes a lot of challenges that the whole group doesn’t get along with.”

Volume one of the fourth season of strange things debut on the day May, 27 Feather Netflix, section two will be issued on that day July 1,

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