How does it work and what are the benefits of dual citizenship

How does it work and what are the benefits of dual citizenship

Many people dream of investing in the United States, but believe that the current possibilities make it difficult to get visa applications approved. Experts in immigration law believe that the E2 category could be a chance to live and work on North American soil, even if initially, it certainly wasn’t.

E2 visas can be granted to people who are citizens of member countries of the Navigation and Commerce Treaty with the United States. This is not the case in Brazil, but some European countries, such as Italy, Belgium and France, are part of the agreement, making it easier for Brazilians who have dual citizenship in one of these places. Soon, Portugal should be included in the list of countries that are eligible for this type of visa.

According to Daniel Toledo, a lawyer who works in the field of international law, founder of Toledo e Associados and partner of LiToledo PLLC, an international law firm with units in Brazil and the United States, the application process requires the applicant to make A huge amount of investment is required in the US country. “The amount that I generally consider reasonable to implement this process is about $150 thousand. But this investment requires a commitment to the enterprise in the United States. That is, the business is already defined and started work. Apart from the ready to work employees need to be ready to work with all purchased machinery, installation, equipment, stock, working capital. This scenario is ideal for immediate approval of the E2 process”, he revealed.

The lawyer cautions that the main objective of immigration agencies is the financial commitment of these applicants. “It is not enough to present a business plan stating that if your visa is approved, you will incur expenses. It does not bring commitment or risk to the enterprise, which makes it difficult to accept this request”, they telling.

Once granted, the E2 visa is valid for five years, and can be renewed after the expiration period. In addition, to maintain active category status, the investor must leave the United States and re-enter every two years, performing a type of verification.

Toledo reveals that this type of visa does not provide green card Nor does it make permanent housing viable in the country, but it enhances the prospects for the future. “Success in the E2 visa application opens up other doors that may eventually serve as the basis for another visa application process. green card and US citizenship. It is a way out for those who want to immigrate to the US for good”, he concluded.

To Daniel Toledo is a lawyer for Toledo and Associated Lawyers Specializing in International Law, International Business Consultant, Speaker and Partner in LiToledo PLLC.

Toledo e Advogados Associados is specialized in international law, immigration, investment and international trade.

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