How much do streaming services cost in Brazil and how to save

How much do streaming services cost in Brazil and how to save

Number of companies launching their own Film and series platforms jumped in recent years. there are already too many streaming, that subscribing to all these services at the end of the month can be a hefty cost.

The point is that more and more productions are being dedicated to a unique platform, so that for a more diverse catalogue, the user needs to have multiple subscriptions.

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a survey conducted by Kantaro At the end of 2020 it showed that 6 out of 10 Brazilians with Internet access have some form of streaming subscription. The social isolation of 2020 and 2021 accelerated the number of payers on the platforms, which encouraged the arrival of new competitors in Brazil.

with the advent of Disney+At the end of last year, there are already more than 10 video, film and series platforms in operation in the country. Exam The main costs increase, see below:

Forum Monthly payment
Netflix R$21.90 (1 screen) to R$45.90 (up to 4 screens)
amazon prime video R$9.90 (up to 3 screens)
hbo go BRL 34.90 (up to 3 screens)
Disney+ BRL 27.90 (up to 4 screens)
globeplay R$19.90 in Basic plan or R$42.90 with live channels (up to 5 screens)
Globoplay + Disney + R$ 43.90 in Basic plan or R$ 59.90 with live channels (up to 5 screens)
look R$ 16.90 (up to 3 screens)
Apple TV+ R$9.90 (up to 6 screens)
telecine play R$ 39,90
youtube premium R $ 20,90

How to choose the best platform?

Most of these services offer a trial period so that users know what titles are available. Monthly charges start being charged after these 30 days.

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Of course catalogs are constantly changing, so it may not be possible to know in 30 days which service is best suited to a customer’s taste, but a sample can give a good idea of ​​the quality of the original productions that some of these platforms have and film. Partnership with the studio.

In the case of Disney+, for example, in addition to Disney movies, the user will have titles from the catalog Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and Fox. If movies and series from these studios are your thing, then subscriptions have started to matter more.

How to save with streaming?

Choosing the service you like the most is the first step in not spending a lot of money on streaming. See below for more tips on making the best use of subscriptions:

Another useful tip is to select a subscription that allows for more screens and share packages with friends or family.

However, it is worth saying that this is a possibility that may not exist for long. Platforms are testing tools to track users’ access IPs that, for example, make it difficult for people living in different households to access the same subscription account.

In the United States, Netflix already displays a warning to some users when they are logged in from a different home than the account owner. For now, the caveat is “unknown”, but it is possible that in the near future companies will adopt ways to avoid “over-sharing” of accounts (when the same user splits into more than one family).

  • Search for “united” services
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Several companies have partnered to jointly offer membership. In Brazil, for example, globeplay and Disney+ offer the option of a single monthly fee, which is cheaper than subscribing to the services separately.

Other example materials are starzplay No amazon prime video And the combo that cable TV operators themselves make to offer users Netflix subscriptions — after all, if you can’t fight them: join them.

Although the companies’ catalogs are always updated, it is normal that, after a while, the user feels bored (especially those who are movie buffs, and who devour the platform’s various movie options in a short span of time).

A good tactic to avoid boredom and save money is to “rotate” between subscriptions. From time to time, it is worth moving from one service to another, getting to know other services and taking advantage of new and new developments.

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