How to Customise AV Setup to Your Work Culture

Investing in an efficient AV setup can have many benefits for both your team and workspace. For example, if you have a large office space but don’t always use all the rooms, thinking about incorporating commercial AV equipment into a transportable system can help to save money on devices and streamline the set-up when you do need it.

Other beneficial ways that you can implement an AV system are to make it customisable to your work and office style. If there are many remote workers in your company, investing in solid Wi-Fi and user-friendly devices can go a long way in meeting productivity.

Highlights of working from home

Speaking of remote work culture, here are some other highlights that can be gained from working from home:

Easier AV setup. With the right AV programs in place, time spent on fixing errors and glitches will be kept to a minimum. Many AV programs are made to be user friendly, so your team will be able to begin a meeting without potential glitches and tech obstacles.

Streamline communications. Alongside a smoother set up, you will likely implement more intuitive workflows. This turns tech from an intimidating process into something that is user friendly for everyone.

A greener way of working. Whether it’s intentional or not, remote work is more eco-friendly than the traditional commute to the office. One big reason is that carbon emissions are significantly lowered with the commute being taken out of the way.

Save on rent with smaller spaces. Because you will not have to fit a whole team in the office at once, you can save on space and rent with using a smaller space. On the greener side, this means you will be using less energy as well.

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Bonus Tip

Other pieces of equipment that you will want to make sure to provide to your team are a quality camera and microphone, speakers, and displays such as screens.

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