How to deal with comets in 2022

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A movie don’t look up It is literally about the end of the world. In the plot, a comet enters a collision course with Earth, and the president of we – used to live Meryl Streep – Does nothing concrete to avoid tragedy. Netflix production spread on social media and, as written by Eugenio Bucci State, New Year’s Eve promises to ignite family discussions. It wasn’t by chance. This year, we all felt like we were on the hunt for a comet – whether it was a pandemic, a flood, prices soaring or the neglect of some of the governments with such serious problems.

Within moments of 2021 we were able to encounter our comets. Social mobilization triumphed over powerful enemies. An example was the pavilion that brought together scientists, businessmen and youth representatives in Glasgow, black and indigenous movements against climate change and in favor of the Amazon. video of Worker Txai SuruíThe only Brazilian to speak at the inauguration of COP-26, went viral and became a symbol of this mobilization.

Pressured by civil society – and of course, by other countries – the Brazilian government, the same one that three years ago threatened to leave Paris Agreement, signed the list of COP-26 targets. Among the demands, the most urgent in our case is the elimination of deforestation in the Amazon, a necessary condition for Brazil to gain relevance in the world.

Another reason for hope in 2021 was that, in a political climate that is crying out for new things, renewal movements are beginning to spur parties. On the left, where division often reigns, emerging leaders like Tabata Amaral, flavio dino I marcelo frexo aggregated into a single acronym, PSB, Tabata is a graduate of Renova BR, which defines itself as a “political school”. Executive Director, Renova BR, Irina Bulara, is the interviewer for this week’s minipodcast.

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more right, older psdb Oxygenated with female militancy. Sao Paulo Development Secretary, Patricia Allen, led the fight against the pandemic in the state – which was counted, as highlighted by State In editorials, with significant participation from society. Toucan’s economic program for the next elections will be signed by three renowned economists: Vanessa Rahal, Zina Latif and Ana Carla Abrao. In the minipodcast, Irina Bulara talks about the challenge of women in politics.

In a democracy, we have weapons to fight off the comets, more efficient than the technocrats called out by Meryl Streep. don’t look up, They are called mobilization and voting. That in 2022 we should make good use of them.

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