How To Get Black Widow Skin For Free – Black Widow Cup – HITC Launch Time

How To Get Black Widow Skin For Free - Black Widow Cup - HITC Launch Time

Fornite Season 4 has been a collaboration with Marvel and Epic Games has plans for several years of alleged Marvel integration. While the weather has given us a choice of Iron Man and the ironic Shi-Hulk, fans will now be able to get the Black Widow for free before they arrive at the store. Here you will find out how you can get great characters for free by knowing the start time for Black Video Cup in Fornet.

As part of Marvel Nokia Out Super Series which started with Daredevil And then continued with Ghost Rider, the series of tournaments will continue on November 18 after Natasha Romnoff is out. We don’t know who will be the main superhero for this tournament, but this is a date that Nokia Duet Diss must remember.

But, before any more mysterious heroes or villains become available to get, below you will find out how to get black widow skin for free in Fortnet knowing the start time for the respective cup.

How To Get Black Widow Skin For Free At Fortnet

To get the ice suit skin for free you have to rank between first and 1,200 in Europe during the Black Widow Cup.

As for NA East and West, you will only get Black Widow Skin for free in Fortnit if you rank between 1st to 750th, 1st and 300th.

You’ll find a superhero costume to finish anywhere between the above positions, and you’ll also get a back bling.

What time does the Black Widow Cup start in Fortnight?

The opening time for the Black Widow Cup in Fornet is Europe on November 11 at 12:00 ET.

As for North America East and West, the opening time for the Black Widow Cup in Fortnite is 18:00 ET on the same day. And 21:00 ET.

Below is a list of all broadcast times for the tournament on November 11 Epic game):

  • OCE – 02:00 ET
  • Asia – 04:00 ET
  • ME – 09:00 ET
  • EU – 12:00 ET
  • BR – 16:00 ET
  • SURE – 18:00 ET
  • NAW – 9:00 pm ET

If you do not manage to get rid of the black widow’s skin for free during her Fortnite Cup, you will soon be able to get her from the grocery store.

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